Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Paranoid Activity 2

Well I already discussed how frustrating it is to see people who hug PIN-pad machines, and I may point out that it has occurred at least another 7 or 8 times since.

Anyways, today I tackle the second of the top 3 things I see paranoid people do and that is what I kindly refer to as 'Irrational Car-Lock Syndrome'

This is something you may not have noticed yet, but I encourage you to keep an eye out for it from now on and I can guarantee you will see it.

This is the obsessive paranoia that people have of being attacked in their vehicles.

In crowded parking lots.
In broad daylight.
In front of lots of people.
For no reason.

For instance, lets say you are walking into Wal-Mart to buy some assorted things for your garden. You're just trundling along at a regular pace with your head up looking around to make sure you don't get flattened by a juvenile or blind driver in the parking lot.

While following this rule of "Safety First!" you unconsciously make eye contact with someone who is sitting in their vehicle. 
They are either waiting for someone else to finish shopping, or they are just chilling in their car for a few minutes before getting out.

Anyways, you make eye contact with them and you notice that they immediately become suspicious.

They think you are looking at them with malicious intent.
They believe your eyes are looking into their soul.
They become terrified of the belief that you are suddenly going to sprint towards their vehicle, yank open the doors and attack them.
Then you will steal their car and drive over their lifeless bodies in a mad dash to escape.
Yep. That must be your intent.
There is no other explanation. 
Panic....panic......panic.......DOOR LOCK!!!

Don't believe me?? Well next time just look for it.

You can notice that they will freeze momentarily as though they have been shocked. 
They will gaze distrustfully at you and then their hand will imperceptibly (so they think) travel towards their automatic door lock system.
They will jam the lock button at least 2-10 times. 
They may even glance at the locks just to ensure that they are safe from you--the roving maniac who is planning their demise.
If it is winter, their breathing may become slightly shallow and labored and the windows will even get a little foggy inside. 


Where does this stupid paranoia come from??
I mean I know that some people have been raped, ok so I can understand why those people might be afraid. Fine.

But for the most part, things like that do not happen in crowded places during broad daylight. And most people have not been raped in these situations (Unless there is some strange statistic that nobody is aware of). 

Because everyone would see it happening.
The person would get arrested.
There would be lots of witnesses.

Plus, unless you have the reflexes of a slug, you would be able to see the attacker coming from at least 5 feet away and would be able to lock your door in less then 3 seconds. And if you did this, the only way they could attack you would be if they smashed through your window, shredding their hand and arteries in the process. Pretty sure someone would notice that too.

So I don't understand this intense fear of someone attacking you inside your vehicle. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Even more unexplainable is the people who do this and then get out of their vehicles anyways 1 minute after you pass by their car!!! I mean if you were really intent on attacking them, you could simply turn around and rush them after they get out. It would actually be easier. Just saying.

But the fact of the matter is, ordinary people are not walking through parking lots looking for cars with people in them to attack. 

So don't be paranoid. 
Don't be irrational.
Don't be silly.

If you are scared of these people then logically you should also then be frightened of those people who walk their dogs, go jogging, or take a stroll with their loved ones. 

Which means you should probably never leave your house.
Or own a car.
Or go shopping.
Or have a family.
In fact, it's probably better off if you just lock yourself in a windowless room and have your food brought to you by a servant or something.

Oh wait.....they could still attack you inexplicably.

Hmmm I guess you should probably just waste away all alone then, it must be the only solution.


Get over it.

People are not going to attack you in your car in the parking lot.

Please display more intelligence then a minnow.


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