Monday, 21 November 2011

Hearing Aids are Not Cellphones

Today I shall attempt to humour you with the lighter side of life.

Sort of.

The ignorance of some people astounds me.

For those of you who don't know this story let me enlighten you briefly.

I was waiting to talk to a teacher at the end of class and felt the watchful stare of a girl next to me.
Not wanting to appear rude, and curious as to what her problem was I asked her if she needed something.
She shook her head and stared at me with a glazed expression and exclaimed: "Those are SO COOL! I wish I had CELLPHONES like that!!!"

I was completely baffled as to what she was talking about, however after noticing that she was staring at my ears (I wear hearing aids see), I ascertained that she must have thought my hearing aids were cellphones.


I was actually at a loss for words and the only thing I could respond with in my lethargic shock was "..........they're not cell phones.....they're hearing aids......"

Oh but of course she just ignored my statement and said: "Seriously, coolest cell phones ever!!"


It would be like if I told a person in a wheelchair that I thought their bicycle was super cool.
Complete surrealism.

However, upon further reflection I realized that many people are ignorant about hearing aids.

Here are some of the things that people believe about hearing aids that I have heard from ACTUAL people in my life. Think carefully about the stupidity of some of these comments:
  1. You can hear the radio with them.
  2. They help you "hear colours".
  3. You can hear martian sounds.
  4. They are calibrated to hear frequencies ordinary humans can't hear, such as bats, dragonflies, and dolphins.
  5. They are cellphones.
  6. People with hearing aids have their own tone that is sounded at crosswalks that only they can hear that helps them cross safely (think hard about that one).
  7. Hearing aids work on the concept of "echo-location" and sonar.
  8. The sound we hear is not real sound, and people sound like C-3P0 from Star Wars.
  9. Everyone with hearing aids is connected on a "hearing-aid wifi" (for serious).
  10. That hearing aids make their own sounds and can be personalized.
  11. Hearing aids can electrically shock you.
  12. They give you super-hearing if you can already hear and you wear them.
  13. They can store change.
  14. They can be used as two-way radios.
  15. If they work on animals.
  16. They come with cool accessories like silver plating.
  17. The hearing aids contain locators in case I lose one.
  18. What would happen if they were buried under sand. (Really....??)
  19. Fully deaf people are magically healed by hearing aids.
  20. If I would be better off without them because I would be more deaf.
And many many many many many other things.

I know ignorance is bliss but.....really??

I feel like some people lack common sense and should probably get a brain scan.
The answer to all of the above questions is no. And if you bury them in sand you would a) lose them and b) they would get filled with sand and c) break.


Seriously people, learn about some things before asking such silly questions!!

Hahahahaha see me laughing??



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