Monday, 5 December 2011

At the Gym: Brosefs

Brosefs are pretty sweet.


Now I'm not talking the 2 guys (or girls I suppose) who go for a workout together and just get it done.

I'm not even really that angered by a group of 3 people.

However, crowds of 4+ bro's who are all in wife beaters and sweatpants (to hide the fact that their routine consists of chest/bi's day in and out) is unacceptable and stupid.

Here is why: 

  1. They use the same machine/bench for about 1 hour because they rotate through using it. During this time, they don't let anyone else use it (or want to because it becomes slimy with bro sweat), and they each do 3x50 reps on it.
  2. In addition to #1, when NOT using the machine, the pack gets tired easily (most likely because their spindly legs are unable to support their unbalanced frame) and they sit. Everywhere. On the floor, on the machines, on each other, etc. Stop it.
  3. Yeah, we all see that you are here to workout. Announcing your workout to the world by yelling "d0000000000000d SICK MANNN!!" every ten seconds is unnecessary and causes shifting of the world's tectonic plates.
  4. Working out in a pack of people does not make you workout better.Or cooler.
  5. I dunno how everyone else feels but I find it a little creepy when you see 5 guys who have all coordinated wearing the same thing to workout in. Hey, I have no problem with guys wearing muscle shirts or tank tops.......just not wife beats, and not all of them.
  6. They pretend to be hardcore, but really you never see them break a sweat. If you don't sweat, it's not a workout. (Unless you suffer from which case you are excused because nobody wants to see you sweat out weird looking colours from your body.)
  7. The gym is to workout at. Not for learning gang symbols or how to refer to people as "bro, d00d, brosef, man" etc. Especially if said people are white.
So all that I'm asking is that you be mindful of others at the gym and leave your stampede of friends at home. Work out with 1 or 2 friends tops, and actually go to the gym with a purpose. Be considerate of other people and don't use your infantile age or inexperience as an excuse--everyone knows basic politeness and protocol.

Get out.
For real.
That is all.

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