Tuesday, 29 November 2011

At the Gym: Cartilage Grinders

Short and sweet, but super annoying.

So.......you go to the gym and are proceeding through your run or workout as per the usual. 
All of a sudden you hear this disgusting popping, clicking, grinding sound.

As loud and spine-tingling as fingernails being screeched down a chalkboard. Yeuuuck.

You look around and you notice someone swinging weights around violently as if they were caught in the midst of a terrible tornado they can`t escape and the weights are glued to their hands.

You see their hands flailing around, and their shoulder joints continuously become dislocated and make sickening crunching noises.

Their elbows distend and pop with loud clicking sounds, their necks wrench back and forth furiously, their tendons snap spasmodically back and forth, and it sounds as if their very bone marrow is splintering into shards within their body.

However, the person continues to mutilate them self mercilessly over and over and over and over and over (and over) again. 
I swear  you can just see the cartilage and protective structures within their body disintegrating as you watch them.

What morons. 

They think that swinging weights around with no proper form or structure must be good for them. 
They don`t understand the concept of bones, and muscles, and tendons, and everything else that is set up to help your body move PROPERLY and WITHOUT PAIN.

These are the same doofusès who end up having to go to physio or the chiropractor because they injure themselves and complain of chronic pain after workouts.

Well duh.....what do you expect after you grind your cartilage to dust...sunshine and rainbows
Fact: bones will then grind on each other and you will be in severe pain.

It`s not that hard to become informed about the proper protocol of lifting weights. 
If it`s so heavy that you have to break form and do it improperly, you need to lessen the weight, even if it means deflating your ego a bit.

If you simply don`t know how to lift weights properly, which may be the case, drop a couple bucks, hire a trainer for one session (maybe 2) and they will show you the proper way to do the exercises. No big deal. I highly recommend this.

You can even find decent information online via Youtube and other websites on how to do exercises properly and to prevent pain and self-mutilation.

Nobody wants to hear that disgusting bone-grinding and crunching noise at the gym.

And no, I will not help you unless you ask me to because I consider your future pain to be your own problem due to your ignorance and inability to learn proper technique.

Not only do these people anger me, but they sadden me. 


Sad face.

Now stop grinding your cartilage and learn how to do it properly.

Or leave and never enter the gym again.

That is all.

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