Saturday, 12 November 2011

GaGaGo Play in Traffic

List some things that really irritate you about people:

  1. People who wear meat dresses
  2. Individuals who wear legless pants
  3. Singers that copy Madonna and try to "push the envelope"
  4. Hibernating in an egg before a performance to "be mysterious"
  5. Songwriters who try to shove their opinions down your throat through their music
  6. Musical Psychos
  7. Singers that name themselves after the noise a baby makes
  8. People who can't stand that others might have an opinion about something that doesn't agree with them
  9. Songs that are not appropriate for young children that are played for them anyways
  10. Women who wear stupid hats/masks/clothes that are impractical and serve no purpose except to make them look like they missed the memo at a masquerade ball
  11. Musically talented singers who sing terrible music and waste their natural abilities
  12. Psychos
Who fits this profile....hmmmmmmmm.

Oh yeah, Lady GaGa.

Look, nobody cares about your stupid clothes, you look like a moron.

Copying Madonna is boring and has gotten old, give it up.

Songs ranging from "terrible" to "death would be better"means you may want to consider a new career.

You call your fans "little monsters"....this is eerily accurate. 
Fact: People don't like monsters. And people don't like you.

I pity you  because you have potential to be a great singer but waste so much time trying to force your  viewpoints on everyone else. 
Please go away, you act like a 5 year old.

You are very homely looking, so pretending otherwise is not doing you any favours....just saying. 

Again with the costumes......yeah you look idiotic
As in, legitimately stupid.

Grow up. Not every day is Halloween.

Ga-Ga-Go play in traffic.


Preferably with lots of cement mixers, logging trucks, and Lamborghini's 

Sanity will then be restored.

That is all.

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