Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pointless Question: "Hey You're Tall....Do You Play Basketball??"

FYI: Today's blog is to be taken into consideration with the blog that will be posted tomorrow on pointless questions.

I do not consider myself to be a tall person.

In fact I am just shy of 6"4. Which, when considering that the average Canadian male is 6"0...means that I am not that tall in the grand scheme of things.

So why is the first question dopey strangers who I have just met: "You're pretty you play basketball??"


I do not play basketball.
I have never played basketball.
I dislike basketball.
I play volleyball.
In fact, I think that being tall is way more advantageous in volleyball then basketball.
This question has no relevance to anything you idiot.
You are a chowderhead for asking me this.
Does it really matter even if I did play basketball??

Seriously. Do I look like a basketball player somehow? 

I don't wear basketball shoes, headbands, wristbands, Kobe Bryant shirts, or Nike clothing.
I don't call it "hoops" or"B-Ball".
I think it's stupid how a 'field goal' is worth 2 points when it's worth 3 in football.
Please explain to me how I look like a basketball player...

In fact, when asked this stupid question (usually by midgets or people shorter than me), I respond with "Hey you're pretty short, do you play miniature golf??"

That usually shuts them up.
Because really, that is pretty much the same kind of statement. 

Why ask a stupid question and expect to get a not-stupid answer?? And of all things why do you assume that I play basketball? 
There are plenty of big hockey players, football players, volleyball players, heck there are even tall tennis players and golfers.

So before you persecute a tall person and make the moronic assumption that they must play basketball.....stop yourself and stuff your hand in your mouth.

Really....go away.


And that's the Daily Ranter

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